Sep 07
Jun 21


Very often, when making marketing strategy decisions, business owners are looking to see a direct connection from their chosen marketing outlet to their bottom line.  As we know, I love small businesses.  This is a big mistake I see with small businesses as it relates to their marketing decisions.  Entrepreneurs tend... read more →
Jun 07


Whether intentionally or not, every company, organization, and even person has branding.  It isimportant that if you are specifically attempting to accomplish anything, that you pay close attention to your brand's image and perception.  As usual, I am going to target small businesses and entrepreneurs (after all, large companies employ... read more →
Mar 08

The Difference Between Marketing & Promotions

​It is such a common misconception that marketing and promotion are interchangeable titles for the different services.  I want to address this because not enough small business owners and independent brands understand the difference.  When people contact me about “marketing services”, they oftentimes are looking for promotions, advertising, or even... read more →
Feb 24
Feb 22

Event Marketing – How to Market Yourself

​So, yes.  This blog is basically about networking.  But it’s not just networking.  It’s about marketing yourself or your brand on purpose when you are in attendance.  We are all very aware of business cards and elevator pitches.  That’s wonderful to have.  But it can extremely effective if you create... read more →
Feb 08
Jan 03
Dec 09

6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Months

Beyonce's first published picture postpartum. ​On 11/17 my son, Israel, turned 6 months old.  I can’t believe I have survived thus far.  Becoming a mother is, indeed, a life changing experience.  It’s more than having the life of a completely helpless human in your hands.  The physical journey is not... read more →
Dec 05

It’s Never Too Late to Plan for 2017

Yes, it’s December. Yes, next year starts next month. Those are scary realizations for entrepreneurs who haven’t quite decided yet which way they are heading in the new year. But’s ok! Trust me, you’re not alone. There are many reasons we find ourselves up against a self-imposed deadline with no... read more →